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Alzheimer's screensaver wins award

30th May 2007

A screensaver for people with Alzheimer's has won an award.

"Memories are made of this", which was designed by the Alzheimer's Society's website manager Said Dajani, won the annual DesignIT competition run by Microsoft, which invited entries displaying creativity as well as social responsibility.

The screensaver software makes it possible for Alzheimer's sufferers and their carers to upload material that can act as a memory prompt, such as text, images and video clips.

Microsoft engineers will now turn the concept into a marketable product.

Mr Dajani said, according to the BBC: "The screensaver is a virtual scrapbook - a carer and person with dementia can work together to upload pictures, video, text.

"We have found that an offline scrapbook has been of real benefit to both and we want to extend this to the digital world. It puts people in contact with their memories," he added.

Alzheimer's disease causes the chemistry and structure of the brain to change, leading to the death of brain cells and the loss of memory.

It is one of the most common causes of dementia in the UK and around the world