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Alzheimer's research hailed by Time magazine

Alzheimer's research hailed by Time magazine
15th December 2009

The diligence of British dementia scientists has been applauded by Time magazine for their discovery of Alzheimer's disease-related genes.

According to the publication, the research, which was part-funded by the Medical Research Council, Wellcome Trust, Alzheimer's Research Trust and others organisations, discovered a lot of new information regarding CLU and PICALM, which are seen as new pathways to the disease.

However, one expert said that it was a team effort, with scientists around the world contributing to the study.

Professor Julie Williams, the chief scientific adviser to the Alzheimer's Research Trust, said that the research is changing the community's understanding of what causes Alzheimer's disease while providing "valuable new leads" on the way to finding treatments and possible cures.

She continued: "It also shows that other genes can be identified using this method, and the group are already planning a larger study involving 60,000 people, which can be achieved within the next year."

Earlier this week, the Alzheimer's Research Trust announced that it is to give £88,000 in funding to Newcastle University to continue researching the disease.

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