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Alzheimer's radio campaign for US

24th April 2006

The US based Alzheimer's Association has introduced a startling new advertising campaign.

The radio advertisement, which listens in to a conversation between an Alzheimer's patient and her son, is designed to increase awareness of the illness and improve funding.

The 30-second clip allows the listener to hear an agitated older women asking: "Who are you? Who are you?", before her son replies: "Hi mom, it's me."

Brian Forest, vice president of G-Man Marketing, the firm behind the campaign, said: "In just ten syllables, the terror of Alzheimer's is conveyed to the listening audience."

The commercial ends with a plea for people to help in the fight against the disease and directs them to the association's website.

Mr Forest adds that the advertisement can be altered to include the association's local telephone number; meaning the campaign could have a very real impact for local communities.