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Is Alzheimer's disease another version of diabetes?

Is Alzheimer's disease another version of diabetes?
3rd September 2012

Industry experts are starting to believe that Alzheimer's disease may be another form of diabetes.

Recent studies have strongly implicated the hormone insulin in the development of the condition, which is also the key factor in diabetes. What's more, investigations are increasingly showing that risk factors common with the blood-sugar related illness, such as a bad diet, also affect the development of Alzheimer's.

If this link is confirmed, it will be ground breaking in the fight against Alzheimer's disease and dementia, paving the pay for new treatments.

With bad diets known to cause high blood pressure and cholesterol, which interrupt blood flow to the brain, the association between diabetes risk factors and dementia may not be a surprise to many.

Although yet to be confirmed, the findings stress yet further the need to eat a healthy diet and exercise frequently throughout life to maintain a healthy weight and cardiac system.

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