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Alzheimer's decision still pending

18th August 2006

The Alzheimer's Society has objected to having not yet received a decision from an official body regarding medications.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) is due to release a decision on the restriction of access to Alzheimer's drugs.

Campaigning against drug restrictions, the Alzheimer's Society lodged an appeal on changes NICE guidance, which was heard in July.

According to the society, a decision was anticipated within three weeks but this has yet to be released.

One of two possible outcomes is expected: either the NICE Guidance Executive will suggest a review of the evidence to reconsider their changes, or it will decide that no alterations – or at least only small ones - need to be made before the guidance is rolled out to the NHS.

Claudia Pim, from the Norwich and District Alzheimer's Society, told the Norwich Evening News: "I am very disappointed as I hoped the issue would soon be resolved. I can only imagine that people must be very worried about this; we are being kept in limbo.

"I don't know if we can have any influence over this, but I think it is extremely disappointing and I don't understand why there is further delay. This can only add extreme stress to people who are following this issue."

The question is over whether the drug Ebixa be withdrawn from NHS prescription and three further drugs: Reminyl, Aricept and Exalon be restricted only for use on patients with moderate symptoms.