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Alzheimer's cure breakthrough announced

Alzheimer's cure breakthrough announced
2nd January 2009

Scientists have discovered a link between Alzheimer's disease and vitamin D which could lead to a breakthrough cure being found for the condition in the near future.

Cell Press published a study in the American Journal of Human Genetics which detailed the vitamin D bond discovered when comparing 492 Alzheimer's sufferers with 498 people who did not show any signs of the ailment.

Dr Margaret A Pericak-Vance of the Miami Institute for Human Genomics revealed that four other areas of interest would be looked into, including several candidate genes which could present links with the disease and thus could also help with a possible future cure.

She continued: "Detailed functional examination of these signals and genes may lead to a better understanding of the complex pathophysiology of Alzheimer's disease."

Terry Pratchett, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a year ago, has been knighted by the Queen in her latest New Year's Honours List.

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