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Alzheimer Scotland welcomes care review

Alzheimer Scotland welcomes care review
27th August 2008

Alzheimer Scotland has welcomed the recent Review of palliative care services in Scotland, which has prompted the Scottish government to pledge a national care plan.

The review drew attention to inconsistencies in palliative care for different conditions.

Henry Simmons, chief executive of Alzheimer Scotland, commented: "This certainly cannot come too soon for people in the later stages of dementia, who have not enjoyed the same level of access to specialist support as those with other conditions such as cancer."

Mr Simmons added that the care given to people with dementia could be significantly improved if greater resources and expertise were made available.

Alzheimer Scotland has been working in partnership with the Care Commission and Dementia Services Development Centre on the Beyond Barriers project, which aims to support care staff as well as relatives of people with dementia in order to improve the experience of patients.

Meanwhile, a separate campaign is seeking to highlight what it says are inequalities in care given to Parkinson's disease patients around Europe.

The European Parkinson's Disease Association's Awareness Campaign has been launched with the intention of increasing people's knowledge and understanding of the disease while also influencing decision-makers across the continent.

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