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Ageist attitudes 'drive elderly to retirement'

Ageist attitudes 'drive elderly to retirement'
13th January 2009

Elderly people who are still working in their old age are the subject of ageism in the workplace that can drive them to an early retirement, according to a national charity.

Age Concern responded to the announcement of the job summit attended by ministers, stating that the older generation was the most at risk of redundancy and faces a much bigger struggle to find employment again, meaning they can often get stuck in the house without the income they desire.

Director general of Age Concern Gordon Lishman said: "If the government wants to help avoid thousands of willing workers becoming permanently unemployed, today's employment initiative must outline specific help for older workers."

He added that the government also needs to rid the country of mandatory retirement ages in order to allow people to continue working past the age of 65.

Earlier this month, the charity stated that many older savers relying on interest from modest savings may struggle more to pay bills and fight the cold, particularly with many elderly people already on the brink of poverty.

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