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Age Concern: Pensioners hardest hit

Age Concern: Pensioners hardest hit
29th January 2009

Responding to figures published this week by the Office of National Statistics, Age Concern has stated that it is hardly surprised by how hard pensioners have been hit by the recession.

The organisation highlighted the difficulties which many elderly people may face from basic things such as food costs and heating bills.

It added that even though inflation was falling, many of the oldest and poorest customers, with many of them perhaps receiving home care, have not seen any reduction in bills and are forced to cut down on the buying of other essentials such as food.

Director general of Age Concern Gordon Lishman concluded: "The government must focus its attention on helping the poorest pensioners through the recession and move quickly towards paying money benefits automatically to all those entitled."

Gordon Lishman is also the secretary of AGE, the European Older People's Platform and international vice president of the International Federation on Ageing.

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