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Age Concern: National entitlement to care needed

Age Concern: National entitlement to care needed
1st December 2008

Six in ten people believe that care and support services across the country provide only the minimum amount of required care, causing the charity to call on the government for change.

After interviewing 700 people of all ages, the charity found the majority of people believe the quality of care to vary greatly, with many of them not receiving support after being discharged from hospital.

Director general of Age Concern Gordon Lishman said that if it was to be successful in the future, the system must make a big move away from the means-tested approach to care.

He added: "Most of the people we've spoken to think this system is grotesquely unfair and would back the idea of paying more through tax or insurance so that support is there when it's needed."

Mr Lishman stated that politicians will face tough choices over how to deliver a new system which gives the elderly the respect and dignity they deserved.

Last week, Sir Michael Parkinson highlighted the need for elderly people to be treated with respect and emphasised the role of carers, who are making a huge and inspirational impact on the lives of those they care for.

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