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Age Concern: E.on price rise is 'a huge blow'

Age Concern: E.on price rise is 'a huge blow'
22nd August 2008

Age Concern has said that the price rises announced this week by energy supplier E.on will come as a "huge blow" to older age groups.

Gordon Lishman, the charity's director general, urged the government to take swift action in order to help the millions of people who are worried about paying their bills this winter.

He suggested that energy companies should be working together with the government to bring about an emergency measure of offering fuel vouchers to the poorest pensioners.

Mr Lishman said: "We are extremely concerned that the one in three pensioner households likely to be living in fuel poverty by the end of the year will feel forced to cut back on essential food or fuel."

He added that it should be made mandatory for fuel companies to "offer social tariffs at the cheapest rates".

Earlier this week Help the Aged stated that thousands of older people in the west Midlands area are not claiming the full benefits to which they are entitled.

The charity suggested that many pensioners who are struggling with the increasing cost of living could see real improvements in their lives if they were assisted in gaining access to the payments.

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