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Age Concern builds bonds between generations

14th March 2007

Age Concern has joined up with 'Joining Generations' at Clarence House in an effort to reduce discrimination and stereotyping between generations.

An Age Concern reception, hosted by HRH Prince of Wales, will demonstrate the charity's intergenerational projects which bring generations together through activities.

Some very popular projects include older people teaching new parents how to ween new babies and younger people teaching IT skills to the elderly.

Guests at the reception will include Barbara Windsor, Gloria Hunniford, Fiona Phillips and Tess Daly, along with many of Age Concern's volunteers.

Gordon Lishman, director general of Age Concern, said: "When people of different ages come together, as happens in our intergenerational projects, we can banish the stereotypes and recognise everyone's individuality and points of difference.

"Reducing prejudice lays the ground for better community relations and could help us to tackle ageism and unequal treatment."

The project is based around the fact that young people with older friends are 82 per cent less likely to hold discriminatory views about older people than those who do not have older friends, reports Age Concern.

It is hoped that the project will demonstrate that common ground can be found between generations with the goal of eliminating age discrimination.