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ADSS pleased with elderly report

29th March 2006

The Association of Directors of Social Services (ADSS) has backed a report it claims shows that healthcare for the elderly has improved.

Responding to the study by the Audit Commission, Healthcare Commission and Commission for Social Care Inspection that claims improvements for elderly care in the NHS had been variable in recent years, a spokeswoman for the ADSS said that there were generally positive signs.

Christine Paley told the BBC that it was a balanced report.

"Over the space of the last five years alongside the national service framework there has been a great deal of work with forums like Better Government for Older People and forums at local level to really understand what are the key issues for older people," she said.

Ms Paley added that "active ageism against older people" had declined sharply in recent years, with the elderly no longer passed over for cardiac procedures or hip replacements in favour of younger patients.

However, the report maintains that significantly more can be done, stating that many elderly people are still treated with a lack of respect and dignity in the NHS.