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Acne drug 'may help stroke patients'

Acne drug 'may help stroke patients'
27th November 2007

New research has shown that an antibiotic usually used to treat acne may be effective for stroke patients.

A trial carried out at the Tel Aviv University in Israel showed that if minocycline was administered within 24 hours of a stroke it reduced the risk of brain damage and physical and mental impairment.

When the 150 patients tested were reviewed five days later, those who had been taking the drug also showed more signs of overall improvement than those given a dummy pill.

Dr Yair Lampl, who led the study, told that the discovery was "very exciting" as currently many people who suffer a stroke cannot be treated if they do not get to a hospital within three hours.

According to the Stroke Association approximately a third of people who have had a stroke are left with disabilities.

Every year an estimated 150,000 people in the UK suffer from a stroke. Most people affected are over 65.

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