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1 million pensioners in "dangerously cold" homes

8th November 2006

Older people are struggling to heat their own homes, a charity has said.

Anna Pearson, a spokesperson for Help the Aged, told the BBC Lunchtime News that many pensioners cannot cope with the rising cost of energy bills.

She was speaking after the charity released a report, which found that more than one million pensioners in Britain are living in dangerously cold homes.

It also found that the UK's elderly population is more likely to develop hyperthermia than that of colder countries such as Sweden.

"We'd definitely like the winter fuel payment or the state pension to go up because bills have gone up, it's a fact," said Ms Pearson.

"People need extra money to cope with that, otherwise they need to cut back on other things," she added.

More than 25,000 people over the age of 65 died last winter from illnesses related to cold weather.