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£88,000 given to Newcastle Alzheimer's students

£88,000 given to Newcastle Alzheimer's students
15th December 2009

The Alzheimer's Research Trust has announced that it is awarding a grant of almost £88,000 to a team at Newcastle University, with part of the money being used to fund a PhD scholarship to study the link between Alzheimer's and stroke.

Matthew Burke will be given the bonus to study the brain tissue of 50 stroke survivors to measure changes caused by the debilitating disease, as well as strokes.

Mr Burke said it is a privilege to receive the funding and have the chance to work on the important research at Newcastle University, as he stands to gain a "wealth of experience".

Chief executive of the Alzheimer's Research Trust Rebecca Wood said that research is the only way to beat dementia and Alzheimer's disease and that the organisation is delighted to be funding the Newcastle graduate students who will develop skills for the future and carry out important research.

She added: "We wish the Newcastle research team every success. Their study will increase our understanding of Alzheimer's and bring us closer to finding new preventions, treatments and the cure so desperately needed."

Earlier this month, scientists from the University of Oxford were awarded nearly £30,000 by the charity to carry out advanced scans to understand how the brain changes during dementia and help to improve diagnosis.

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