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£752.00 for Barchester fundraising walk

20th October 2006

The staff and supporters of Barchester's Threshfield Court have raised £752.00 with a sponsored walk.

Twenty-seven walkers and an elephant took part in the event for the Alzheimer's Society, walking through Grassington and Linton Falls while looking for quiz clues.

The interactive walk enabled family members of all ages to take part in looking for the answers and the prize for this was won by contender Katy Smith.

"May I take this opportunity to thank each and every person who took part in the walk and raised the tremendous amount of money for the Alzheimer's Society," said Helen Hepworth, activity coordinator at Threshfield Court.

"May I also commend the work that the Alzheimer's Society does as a whole, but mainly our local Craven branch who work endlessly within our community promoting awareness and providing support to many, many people. Well done!"

The Yellow Elephant is the Alzheimer's Society mascot, representing the difficulty that many sufferers have with forgetting things.