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£55 dementia diagnosis incentive scrapped

£55 dementia diagnosis incentive scrapped
27th November 2014

The NHS will no longer offer GPs a £55 incentive to diagnose dementia, following an outcry from medical professionals.

Having been introduced to try to get more diagnoses, the idea was slated by many and GPs wrote to NHS chief executive Simon Stevens in a bid to have the incentive scrapped.

This cash bonus will stop in April, which is also the government's deadline to improve the diagnosis rate to 66 per cent. It's believed around half of those with the degenerative condition in the UK have not yet formally been ​diagnosed. 

GPs claimed the idea was unethical and could have catastrophic repercussions, as determining what a patient needs shouldn't be done with the prospect of a financial reward.

Speaking to Pulse Magazine, Mr Stevens refused to admit the scheme had been a failure: "I think it's too early for hindsight. We need to look at the dementia diagnosis rate through the year before we do that."

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