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Prime Minister kindly opens Barchester Dementia Café

Prime Minister kindly opens Barchester Dementia Café

Rt Hon David Cameron, MP, Prime Minister, today opened a KIND community café within the grounds of Middletown Grange care home in Hailey, Oxfordshire.

Barchester, the independent healthcare provider that operates the care home, has invested in the café to provide local support services for those directly and indirectly affected by dementia in the community. 

A small and unused cottage has being transformed into an inviting meeting place called a KIND café. ‘KIND’ stands for Keeping Individuality through Nurturing Dementia. 

The KIND café aims to provide much-needed support networks for individuals living with dementia, their relatives, friends and carers. The split-level café is somewhere advice and social interaction is offered in a comfortable, well equipped and pleasant setting, offering refreshments and home-baked goods. 

Barchester's expert interior design team decorated the inside café space, which includes ample and comfortable seating, a rummage box area and a life-skills kitchen. 

The Prime Minister said: "Middletown Grange Care Home is exceptional in its dedication to provide individual, tailored care to people with dementia. I was delighted to open the KIND community cafe, which will play an important role in bringing together residents, their families, professionals and the wider community to raise awareness and understanding of this condition." 

Weekly events are scheduled, including short talks by care professionals from charities like the Alzheimer’s Society as well as varied, meaningful activities to promote the retention of life skills. The café is a place where people can discuss and share their experiences and feel supported, with expert advice on hand. 

Fiona Linnington, General Manager at Middletown Grange, said: "The KIND café is a great addition to our home. We already reach out and welcome so many individuals and groups from the local community and I’m proud to offer yet another warm and understanding environment right on our doorstep.” 

Middletown Grange already offers first-class 24-hour nursing and residential care alongside dedicated dementia care in a Memory Lane Community. Person-centred care is at the heart of the care home's community. The dementia-friendly design encourages people living with dementia to lead full and active lives, staying as independent as possible. The residents of Middletown Grange and their carers will also use the KIND café. 

Mike Parsons, Founder and Chief Executive of Barchester Healthcare, said: “Cafes are often seen as community hubs. Through hosting a KIND café within our care home’s grounds we are encouraging social interaction and engagement. We are also helping to meet The Prime Minister’s ‘Challenge on Dementia’, promoting greater awareness, advice resources, peer support and the development of dementia friendly communities. Barchester is committed to finding ways of delivering exceptional services based on meeting local needs. We are always keen to explore how best to support those that need it most.”