Charity boxing match is ‘intense challenge’ for Stockport woman

Stockport woman Farai Hanyane, who works as a General Manager at Barchester's Marple Dale Care Home is preparing for a charity boxing match on Saturday 16th April, after just 8 weeks of training.

Farai has set herself the challenge in order to raise money for Barchester’s Charitable Foundation, a charity which helps older people and other adults living with a disability in the UK by offering grants to improve independence, mobility and quality of life.

For Farai, who has never boxed before, taking part in the Pink Collar Boxing challenge has been difficult. She said: “Training has been quite intense and a bit painful but I was looking for something that would shake me up a bit so I definitely chose the right sport! I wanted to improve my fitness and I’m not only feeling fitter, but I’m sleeping much better now too.

Match night is Saturday 16th 2016, 7pm-11pm at The Britannia Hotel in Stockport. “I was looking forward to the matches but now I’m a little bit scared! It’s all for a good cause though.  So far I have raised £98 for Barchester’s Charitable Foundation. I chose Barchester’s Charitable Foundation because I really believe in the work they do. They may be a small foundation but the impact is HUGE on people’s lives.”

Farai, who works at Marple Dale Care Home in Stockport added: “Everyone at Marple Dale has been really supportive even though a few people have told me I’m crazy to be doing this!”