Choosing a dementia care home

Choosing a dementia care home

Reaching the decision to find a care home for a person living with a dementia is hard. When is the right time for someone with dementia to move into a care home? Knowing how to choose the right home can be daunting. Families in our Memory Lane Communities tell us before visiting care homes that their common experience was:

“We were just given a list, there was an awful lot to take in, there was no central source of information, it’s something you have utterly no experience of, we were given no help on the emotional side of things.”

Questions come naturally flooding in.  How will we find a care home with the right expertise in dementia care?  How will we know what good dementia care looks like?  Many people have no idea where to go for help – you are not alone in this.

At first glance, all care services, seem to be offering the same 'high-quality care'.  One wife looking for a care home for her husband commented:

“It was so hard trying to work out who was telling the truth, who was trying to persuade me and who was really going to look after him and who really wasn’t.”

This booklet is here to help guide you in recognising the best dementia care.  It highlights ten key elements of real quality dementia care that you should look for when visiting care homes.