Vegetarians warned of elevated dementia risk

Vegetarians warned of elevated dementia risk

Vegetarians are at risk of developing a brain disorders such as dementia due to a lack of Vitamin B12, it is claimed.

A new study by scientists at the Artemis Health Institute in Guragon, India, has found that a deficiency in B12 can reduce the working capacity of the brain.

This can result in the kind of progressive memory loss seen in dementia, according to lead author Dr Praveen Gupta, who goes on to point out that the best sources of Vitamin B12 are fish, shellfish, meat, milk and its by-products.

"Since majority of the Indian population is vegetarian and milk consumption has reduced considerably, they are more prone to early onset of dementia. Those who suffer from lactose intolerance are also at risk," she said.

According to data collected by the Alzheimer's Research Trust, 42 per cent of the UK population know a close friend or family member with dementia.

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