'Urgent action' needed to improve antibiotics usage

'Urgent action' needed to improve antibiotics usage

Urgent action has to be taken at national, European and international level to improve usage of antibiotics, as resistance to the drugs has been found to be growing.

According to chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies, speaking to mark European Antibiotic Awareness Day (EAAD), which was yesterday (November 18th), there could a future without cures for infection unless antibiotics are used more responsibly.

It was therefore noted individuals should only take antibiotics prescribed by a medical professional, while they should always complete the given course even if they are feeling better.

"Don't forget that resistant bacteria doesn't just infect you, they do spread to other people in close contact with you," guidance issued by the Department of Health said.

EAAD was set up to promote responsible prescribing, as well as to educate healthcare professionals and the public about appropriate use of antibiotics.

Older adults are likely to be taking a range of antibiotics and must ensure these are not clashing with each other.

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