Is the UK prepared for dementia challenge?

Is the UK prepared for dementia challenge?

With the UK population rapidly ageing, much has been made over the ability of the country to deal with health challenges in the future.

One such area of concern is dementia and, according to research by the Alzheimer's Society, Britain could be unable to manage the demands of cognitive decline as the population accelerates into old age.

The study revealed that already 61 per cent of those diagnosed with dementia are left feeling lonely, while 77 per cent are anxious or depressed.

Consequently, the Alzheimer's Society is calling for a "radical shift" in dementia policy and the way in which society approaches and engages with the issue.

Currently, many patients experience isolation and are unable to access the help they need because of misconceptions about the condition.

Michelle Forster, whose mother May was diagnosed with dementia in July 2009, told the Alzheimer's Society: "Sadly, Mum has lost many friends since she was diagnosed, perhaps because people were embarrassed, confused or frightened."

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