Theatre group launches Wednesday Wave campaign

Theatre group launches Wednesday Wave campaign

A theatre group has launched a Wednesday Wave campaign to help fight loneliness among people who can’t socialise during the pandemic. Vamos Theatre is encouraging care home residents and others who cannot leave their houses at present to take part in the group event once a week.

In a similar vein to the Clap for Carers initiative that took place during the first wave of coronavirus, the Wednesday Wave is a chance for communities to come together. From October 14th to December 16th, those inside are asked to come to their windows at 3pm on a Wednesday and wave. Outside, anybody in the street is invited to wave back and interact with residents.

Care homes that are pledging to wave are displaying posters or hand drawings in their windows. This should help local people identify the places to look out for and wave at each week. Those in the street will be able to feel that connection with residents despite the glass between them.

In excess of half a million vulnerable people are isolating at home due to coronavirus, which can lead to feelings of loneliness. The weekly wave is designed to show these people they have not been forgotten during such a difficult time.

Vamos Theatre is offering a free poster to download from its website or a hand template to anyone wishing to take part. There’s also a letter template that can be used to encourage neighbours to join in too.

It is also inviting people to reach out on social media to share pictures and stories using  #TheWednesdayWave hashtag. It has a presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, where it’s running a colouring competition for the best hand drawing.

For another inventive way to get hands-on, Vamos Theatre has shared a shortbread recipe for making biscuit hands. Baking these could be another opportunity to get kids involved with the Wednesday Wave.

If you have a relative in a care home locally, then joining in the Wednesday Wave could be a successful way to boost their spirits. The regular event will also give them some structure and an occasion to look forward to once a week.