Ten in 1,000 have autism, scientists say

Ten in 1,000 have autism, scientists say

The incidence of adults in England with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), who may require respite care, has been estimated at almost ten per 1,000 population.

Authors of the research published in the Archives of General Psychiatry underlined that the incidence of ASD among children and adolescents is believed to have risen to approximately ten per 1,000 population.

The study, led by scientists at the University of Leicester, found a prevalence of ASD in the general population as 9.8 per 1,000.

Authors said that it was not obvious as to whether the increased prevalence reflected case-finding changes or new causes.

"Adults with ASDs are more likely to be recognised and supported if they also have severe intellectual disability; those with higher levels of functioning tend to be overlooked in the community," they said.

Meanwhile, research published in the Journal of Pediatrics suggested that a simple five-minute screening could identify which infants have autism.

By filling in a checklist, parents could alert doctors to any symptoms of autism exhibited by their child, thereby improving outlook for the condition.

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