'Psychological support' is vital for those affected by dementia

'Psychological support' is vital for those affected by dementia

Researchers are constantly trying to develop drugs and treatments to prevent and reverse the effects of dementia. However, with no cure currently in sight, other ways to help patients and their families cope with the condition are vital.

According to Ian Weatherhead, lead nurse for Admiral Nursing Direct, psychological support is integral to creating an "understanding of the illness" and enabling those affected by dementia to live their lives.

He explained that this support is about helping people to "understand what the changes are that are taking place, how to manage those changes, how to respond to certain situations", and how to facilitate independent living.

In combination, these things improve the quality of life for both patients and their families.

Psychological support can also help prevent feelings of depression often experienced by those newly diagnosed with dementia, who are worried about what will happen to them and how they can continue with their lives.

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