Pine bark extract 'benefits metabolic syndrome sufferers'

Pine bark extract 'benefits metabolic syndrome sufferers'

An extract from the pine tree bark benefits the kidney in those with metabolic syndrome, research has shown.

A study, published in journal Panminerva Medica, found that Pycnogenol is able to control and reduce blood pressure in those with metabolic syndrome, lowering their heart disease risk.

Additionally, some recipients of the medication noticed lower Body Mass Index due to weight loss, improving their overall health, which could make them less likely to use home care.

Lead researcher Dr Peter Rohdewald, said that with an increasing number of people affected by metabolic syndrome, kidney disease is a growing concern among medical professionals.

"Pycnogenol cannot compensate for an unhealthy lifestyle, but certainly offers some urgently needed help. Our study suggests that essentially all major characteristics of metabolic syndrome are improved with Pycnogenol as part of a healthier lifestyle," he explained.

Meanwhile, research from the University of Calgary found that the risk of heart disease for those who never drink alcohol is between 14 and 25 per cent higher than for those who indulge in moderate alcoholic consumption.

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