Physical activity can reduce stress

Physical activity can reduce stress

Older adults under pressure are advised to take part in physical activity to reduce stress levels.

Kim Stephenson, founder of online resource Taming the Pound, stated: "Physical activity, even walking, is a good stress reducer, keeps you fitter and doesn't need to cost anything."

Mr Stephenson also advises making budgets and targets to cope with increased strain.

Stress has been proven to increase the risk of mortality and is one of the main causal factors of strokes and heart attacks.

A study at the University of Gothenburg discovered strong links between self-perceived psychological stress and ischemic stroke.

Some 566 acute stroke patients and 593 controls were asked to rate their stress levels and were split into stressed and non stressed groups.

When stroke incidence was compared, there was a strong correlation between prolonged stress and large vessel disease, small vessel disease and cryptogenic stroke.

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