Photography uniting stroke patients in Wearside

Photography uniting stroke patients in Wearside

A group of people who have had a stroke in Wearside have started a photography group in a bid to keep themselves active and out of the house.

The Sunderland Echo reports the society - named North East Still Life After Stroke - meets twice a month and is open to any new members.

Ken Routledge and Colin Lee established the group and there are now 20 members, of whom between 12 and 15 are regularly active. Mr Routledge contacted the Stroke Association five years ago for some assistance, having recently experienced the condition. 

He told the publication he started helping out with the charity on a voluntary basis and when he realised Mr Lee shared a similar interest in photography to him, the idea for the group was born. 

"We are open to anyone with any kind of brain injury. If people want to come along and find out about us, they are more than welcome," Mr Routledge told the publication.

The aim of the group is to increase individuals' confidence, get them out of the house and encourage them to be active. 

Stroke Association community integration co-ordinator Stephen Simpson extolled the virtues of using photography and art to help those who had experienced a stroke to express themselves in new ways.

"We see the overwhelming courage and determination many stroke survivors show in coping with the loss of many things we take for granted, such as being able to say what we are feeling or walk on our own."

Members of the public have the opportunity to sample the work of this society, as it is being showcased at an exhibition at Seaham Masonic Hall, as part of Action on Stroke Month.

It is open until tomorrow (May 24th) between 10:00 and 15:00 BST, and entry is free. 

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