People should see audiologists 'early on'

People should see audiologists 'early on'

People must make an effort to see audiologists, experts have said, after it was revealed that older people with hearing loss are more likely to get dementia.

Lorraine Gaily, chief executive of Hearing Link, said people should ask their doctor to be referred to an audiologist.

She explained that early signs of hearing loss include individuals becoming aware can't hear people as easily as they previously could and a feeling of frustration as background noise seems louder than it used to.

"If there is a link that can be demonstrated between hearing loss and dementia, such that unmanaged hearing loss puts people at risk of dementia […] it makes it even more important that people are identified early and begin to aid their hearing early," added Ms Gaily.

This comes after research published in journal Human Molecular Genetics revealed that increasing a brain peptide known as puromycin-sensitive aminopeptidase could slow the progression of Alzheimer's.

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