People 'must comply with bowel cancer test'

People 'must comply with bowel cancer test'

People at risk of bowel cancer, many of whom may already used assisted living, should take the diagnosing test, according to one expert.

Deborah Gilbert, head of development at Bowel & Cancer Research, said that there is a lack of compliance with the faecal occult blood test (FOBT) which diagnoses bowel cancer, with just a 50 per cent compliance rate among patients.

She explained that men often will opt not to take the test because they would rather not know, with many of them "temping fate" and adopting a "fatalistic" attitude.

Nevertheless, it is vital that people take the test, said Ms Gilbert, as it could save their lives.

In addition, the expert said that eating well and generally leading a healthy lifestyle can cut the risk of bowel cancer.

"Eat well, limiting red and processed meat and increasing fibre, reducing alcohol, quitting smoking and ensuring regular exercise are all associated with lowering the risk factors associated with bowel cancer," she explained.

This follows findings released by Cancer Research UK that said that the risk of men of acquiring bowel cancer in Britain have doubled since the mid 1970s.

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