People with dementia ‘advised to stay active over winter’

People with dementia ‘advised to stay active over winter’

While it can be tempting to hibernate over the winter months, the Alzheimer’s Society is recommending that people with dementia and their carers stay active throughout the season.

The charity recommends that people should soak up daylight to help boost their health and sense of wellbeing, while maintaining the body’s natural daily rhythms.

Staying active and spending time outdoors with natural light can help people with dementia to maintain regular sleeping patterns, improve memory, strengthen muscles and increase mobility.

Kathryn Smith, Alzheimer’s Society’s Director of Operations, said that being outdoors is “not only good for the person with dementia because they are likely to feel better and sleep better but it's good for the carer because a good night's rest is the best way of re-charging batteries and reducing stress".

Top activities to try this winter, according to the Alzheimer’s Society, include gardening, feeding birds and other animals, spending time with pets outdoors and going for walks in local parks or areas of open space.