PDS awards £16k in funding to swallowing project

PDS awards £16k in funding to swallowing project

The Parkinson's Disease Society (PDS) has awarded an innovation grant worth around £16,000 for research into why people with Parkinson's disease have trouble swallowing.

Given to Dr Shaheen Hamdy from the University of Manchester, it will address the major issue, given that many people find that normal activities such as eating can become more difficult due to changes in throat muscle structures.

Dr Kieran Breen, the director of research and development at the PDS, said that the research will aid in raising awareness and understanding of swallowing for Parkinson's disease patients, leading to better treatment options.

He continued: "This is only a small study, but it could give us enough information to know whether [this] is a new treatment worth pursuing.

"We are passionate about funding cutting edge research to find a cure and better treatments, which is what our innovation grant programme is all about."

The PDS has spent around £45 million on research since the charity was founded in 1969.

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