Parkour expert to scale Scotland to France for MND

Parkour expert to scale Scotland to France for MND

Johnny 'Sticky' Budden is no ordinary fundraiser - his specialities lie in parkour, the art of free running, and he will be using them to the best of his abilities to raise money for motor neurone disease (MND) research.

The expert will travel from the northernmost tip of the UK to Paris, the home of parkour, scaling buildings, obstacles and other things in order to generate much-needed cash for the MND Association.

Doing the equivalent of over a marathon a day, the fitness fanatic took a shine to the MND Association's cause, noting how it was the one thing that he would be most averse to getting.

Sticky explained that the things he can do with his body can be "incredibly physical" and he will often use every muscle in his body to practice parkour.

He continued: "When I came across MND and read what it does to the body, how it takes away people's ability to move, I knew I wanted to help raise as much money and awareness for the MND Association as possible."

MND is caused by degeneration of motor neurones, which leads to weakness and muscle wasting, causing loss of mobility in the limbs as well as difficulties with speech, swallowing and breathing.