Parkinson's UK thanks dedicated charity runners

Parkinson's UK thanks dedicated charity runners

A major charity has thanked 72 supporters who took ran the Edinburgh Marathon on its behalf last weekend.

Despite the temperature is the Scottish capital reaching 25 degrees, all participants completed the course raising somewhere in the region of £15,000 for Parkinson's UK.

The charity's fundraising director Paul Jackson-Clark expressed his thanks to all runners on behalf of Parkinson's UK, which he says is entirely dependent on the generous donations of such people to fund research into making life easier for those living with the condition.

One of the runners, 62-year-old Paul Joslin described his reasons for getting involved: "I was inspired by several of my golf club members who are in their 80s and still playing golf.

"I felt that if they could do that then I should try something even more demanding."

Around one in every 500 people in the UK is living with Parkinson's disease, equating to about 120,000 people, according to Parkinson's UK.

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