Parkinson's patient receives treatment through videolink

Parkinson's patient receives treatment through videolink

A hospital in Yorkshire has become one of the first in the country treat a Parkinson's patient with new technology that does not require them to visit the hospital.

Doctors at Airedale Hospital are using a secure video link to provide the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment to a Parkinson's patient, Ruth Pickles, the Telegraph and Argus reports.

People diagnosed with Parkinson's disease often sound like they have a very soft, quiet voice, despite the fact that the patient could be making the same effort to speak.

The voice treatment is designed to make the patient speak louder and can be offered remotely because Ms Pickles can see and hear speech therapist Debra Borsley through her computer screen.

Ms Borsley said: "Initially I was sceptical as I couldn’t imagine how it would work so well remotely. It’s been such an uplifting experience for both of us as we can see progress so quickly."

She also explained that offering the treatment through the videolink is cost-effective for the hospital because they do not need to arrange for ambulances to bring the patient to appointments or send speech therapists out to the patient's home.