Parkinson's disease drug research ahead of schedule

Parkinson's disease drug research ahead of schedule

Drug company Cynapsus Therapeutics has posted an update on the progress of its research into a potential treatment for people with Parkinson's disease.

The drug, APL-130277, has been compared alongside injectable apomorphine with "positive results", according to Cynapsus president and chief executive officer Anthony Giovinazzo.

In the tests, the thin-strip prototypes were found to dissolve rapidly under the tongue and deliver appropriate quantities of the drug to the blood stream.

"The achievement of this important milestone is crucial, as we believe these results have significantly de-risked the project, from the perspective of a sublingual thin film-strip delivering drug to the blood stream in appropriate quantities and time," commented Mr Giovinazzo.

In a previous study earlier this year, more than 50 movement disorder specialists said they would consider prescribing the drug to their patients.

It follows news that a grant from the Michael J Fox Foundation could help Allon Therapeutics to conduct pre-clinical research into davunetide as a possible treatment for Parkinson's disease.

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