Parkinson's charity wants carers to share their experiences

Parkinson's charity wants carers to share their experiences

People who care for someone living with Parkinson's disease have been invited to take part in national consultation concerning the role of carers.

Parkinson's UK is appealing for all who provide support for people with the disease, from family members to those who provide respite care, to get involved in the government's review.

A ten-year national carers strategy was only produced in 2008, but that is now under review by the new government, which wants to hear careers views on the help and support that they themselves get in their role.

The charity claims that more than half of carers report that their own health is worse as a result of their duties, while seven in ten were not aware that they were entitled to an assessment of their needs.

According to the National Audit Office, there are six million unpaid carers in the UK who look after relatives, friends, children or older people who are sick or disabled.

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