Outdoor exercise 'boosts mood'

Outdoor exercise 'boosts mood'

People using assisted living who want to improve their mental health may want to head outdoors for some exercise.

Camilla Swain from Ecominds, said that exercise is a "great alternative treatment" for many with mental health problems.

Physical activities are able to help lift mood, raise self-esteem, reduce stress and provide meaning and purpose in life, according to the expert.

Furthermore, keeping fit can be beneficial socially, reducing isolation and helping to develop support networks and improve social skills.

"Whether it's going for a walk in the countryside, a run in the local park or just getting out into the garden, taking a break to venture outside can be a great way to boost mental wellbeing," she said.

This follows a University of Missouri study which revealed that inactivity could heighten the risk of diabetes in older people.

Stopping regular physical activity was seen to impact on the control of blood sugar levels, meaning that doing so could play a key role in the development of diabetes.

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