Oral MS treatment 'delays condition'

Oral MS treatment 'delays condition'

A new treatment for multiple sclerosis has been found to delay progression of the condition, according to research which will no doubt be welcomed by many individuals using home care.

Oral drug laquinimod was also revealed to reduce relapse rates in the two year study as well as being shown to be safe and well tolerated by patients.

According to HealthDay news, Dr Scott S Zamvil of the University of California San Francisco, predicted that this does not spell the end for injectable treatments.

"But there's a lot of excitement about this new option and these results, because even though the injectables are safe and effective in terms of convenience and patient compliance, oral drugs are much better than shots," he explained.

This comes after a study published in the American Academy of Neurology found that stem cells could be used to treat multiple sclerosis patients, many of whom may use home care.

Chemotherapy drugs were used to kill the patients' blood cells before bone marrow cells are purified and transplanted back into the body.

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