Omega-3 'cuts level of damage after stroke'

Omega-3 'cuts level of damage after stroke'

A diet rich in omega-3s could reduce the severity of brain damage following a stroke, findings from a new animal study indicate.

The extent of brain damage following a stroke was cut by 25 per cent in mice that took in docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) type omega-3s daily, reports a paper published in journal Stroke.

In mice on the omega-3s diet, there was a reduction in the concentrations of molecules that stimulate tissue inflammation and an increased number of molecules that prevent the activation of cell death.

Jasna Kriz, from the Universite Laval, commented: "Since DHA is readily available, inexpensive, and reduces the risk of a number of health problems without causing significant side effects, the risk–benefit ratio tends to favour the regular consumption of fish or DHA."

This follows comments from Nancy Morse, senior scientific officer at Efamol, who said that consumption of DHA could improve brain health.

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