Older women 'struggling to find work to build up pension pot'

Older women 'struggling to find work to build up pension pot'

Older women are finding it harder to find employment, according to one expert, indicating that many could be concerned about how they will pay for residential care homes with personal care in the future.

Sarah Pennells, editor of Savvywoman.co.uk, warned that women who want to work for an extra year or two to build up their pension pot may be finding it difficult. The jobs "simply aren't available," she explained.

Ms Pennells reported that other women are not in a position to return to full time work as they are caring for older relatives or grandchildren - also putting them in a difficult financial situation.

"The government's own figures show that women in their 50s have a pension pot that is a fraction of the level of men's, so it must realise how hard thousands of women will find the rise in the state pension age to 66," she added.

Meanwhile, research from the Pensions Policy Institute on the impact of the proposed state pension reforms has revealed that while speeding up the implementation of the measures would save the government money, overall pensions would be worse off.

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