Older women 'most at risk of falling'

Older women 'most at risk of falling'

Older women may want to use home care after it was revealed that females over the age of 80 are the most vulnerable to falling.

Figures released from the NHS Information Centre ahead of Falls Awareness Week revealed that women over the age of 80 accounted for 30.9 per cent of all fall-related admissions.

There were 460,000 hospital admissions due to falls between March 2010 and February 2011, according to the statistics.

Over 20,000 of these were due to the individual falling out of bed and 12,000 were made up of people who had fallen from a chair.

Risky activities for falls included climbing a tree and using a ladder. Moreover, some 170 people had to be treated for falls from cliffs.

Falls Awareness Week is taking place between June 20th and 24th, with an aim to highlight the problem of falling, particularly among older people.

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