Older people 'worrying about care costs'

Older people 'worrying about care costs'

The majority of older people are worried that they will be the ones to lose out most from the government's public spending cuts this autumn.

Research by ICM has found that 70 per cent of the over 65s think they will be worse off as the government looks to reduce the national debt through lower expenditure.

In addition, some 45 per cent of older people think they will be forced to sell their home in order to pay for care costs.

More than 849 adults in England were polled, with people in the north of the country seeming to be the most anxious, with 78 per cent expecting to see their local council cut care allowances.

Tellingly, 47 per cent of those surveyed said that they have become more concerned about pay costs since the general election.

The results of the coalition government's public spending review are set to be announced in full on October 20th.

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