Older motorists may benefit from virtual training

Older motorists may benefit from virtual training

Older drivers may benefit from undertaking driving simulator training in a bid to improve their road skills and avoid accidents, research has shown.

The skills learned in simulators could complement existing tests that are already mandatory in some countries, such as cognition and vision tests, according to researchers at the Universite Laval, Quebec.

In particular, older people that are concerned about their own capabilities should have virtual test centres made more easily available to them.

Commenting on the findings, published in the Association for Psychological Science journal Current Directions in Psychological Science, lead study author Normand Teasdale explained: "We actually walk them through their errors by showing them their own response.

"After the training, they really were aware of why they were making errors and what not to do."

Recent figures released by the Institute of Advanced Motorists indicated that the road fatality rate in the UK is highest among younger drivers, followed by those aged 80 years-old and above.

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