Older drivers 'more likely to make driving errors'

Older drivers 'more likely to make driving errors'

Older motorists are more likely to make driving errors that could lead to crashes, one expert has said.

Clare Simpson, communications executive for RoadSafe said that although drivers over 70 are generally safer than younger motorists, the age-related decline in mental and physical ability means they could be more prone to mistakes behind the wheel.

"Cars are important for independence and this can make them a lifeline for older people. To maintain this freedom RoadSafe advises drivers of all ages to go for regular health checks as recommended by the relevant professionals," she added.

This comes after research by the University of Rochester found that one effect of aging is not an inability to perceive moving objects but a heightened awareness of the backdrop.

Scientists have said that addressing this phenomenon could help train older people to become better drivers and help them to boost their understanding of how the brain works in those with mental health conditions.

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