Older Brits 'internet savvy'

Older Brits 'internet savvy'

Older Brits are among the most internet-savvy in Europe, research has shown, and those who are online feel closer to their loved ones as a result.

A survey by Age UK found that 43 per cent of British individuals aged between 55 and 74, who may use home care, are frequent internet users.

This makes them feel more connected to their loved ones, and is no doubt a great help to those older people who require assisted living for physical disability issues which make it hard for them to get around.

Luxembourg and Norway topped the table with 58 per cent of older people in both countries regularly using the internet, followed by Denmark, with 55 per cent and the Netherlands which got 54 per cent.

The UK came seventh in the table, behind Sweden and Finland, but beating France, Belgium and Germany as well as many others.

A media spotlight has been cast on older people using the internet recently, with Age UK holding myfriends online week, which is dedicated to helping those later in life to discover the benefits of using the web.

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