Older adults 'put at risk' by care cuts

Older adults are being put at risk by cuts to home-based care services, according to one charity. The British Red Cross claims that the recent slash to funding in a bid to save the Treasury billions of pounds will increase the levels of accidents including older people, as they will not be able to receive the in-house care they need to ensure their health. This will in turn put more pressure on the NHS, as people are taken into hospital following trips, falls, and ill-health. A survey commissioned by the charity claims that nearly 90 per cent of 200 GPs also believe that older patients are suffering because of cuts to the care budget. Sir Nick Young, chief executive of the British Red Cross, commented that although "budgets are tight" patient's wellbeing should not be jeopardised and policies that do so "must be challenged". Michelle Mitchell, charity director-general of Age UK, also stressed the importance of providing adequate care to the nation's vulnerable people. "Care services are becoming increasingly rationed to those with only the highest needs, meaning that more and more vulnerable older people are unable to access the care and support they need," she said. Find the nearest Barchester care home.