Number of older people without family 'rising'

Number of older people without family 'rising'

The number of older people left without family to care for them is rising, according to a new report.

Researchers from the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) said that due to an increase in family breakdowns, children do not feel quite so duty-bound to their aging parents.

This ripple effect of increasing divorce rates, which could see a rise in the number of older people opting for assisted living, home care and nursing homes, is expected to worsen the forecasted crisis in social care.

In report its, The Forgotten Age, the CSJ urges the government to tackle the issue of older people being left behind in terms of money, health, lifestyle, communities, housing and care.

Gavin Poole, Executive Director of the CSJ, said that Brits in later life experience an unacceptably high level of poverty and social exclusion.

"One in five pensioners lives below the official poverty line. Although ministers are rightly working to deal with our economic deficit, this report reveals there is a social deficit which also needs tackling."

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